Live at Money Plays

by Kevin Alberto

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All tracks were recorded and mastered by Mike Frederick Ziethlow of


released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Kevin Alberto Las Vegas, Nevada

Kevin Alberto is an alternative, indie-rock, and blues inspired singer/songwriter. His words are both metaphorical and nostalgic, but presented in an in-your-face kind of powerful way. His soulful and raspy voice accompanied by his bluesy and sentimental guitar melodies compliments the poetic nature of his original songs. ... more

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Track Name: Two Faces
The wolf at night,
He'll come to get your children.
So turn off your lights,
Shut your blinds, and lock your door.

He knocked on your door.
It took one huff to puff it open.
Then he grabbed your torch
And stole all your gold.

If the Devil wore a thousand faces
He wore two.
In and out of all those places
Where were you?

I watched it all
From my bedroom window.
I never made a call
Even when your flames got bigger.

Then I remembered that you were my everything
And our children are burning in our memories.
...and now me.

If the Devil wore a thousand faces
He wore two.
In and out of all those places
Where were you?
Track Name: Finally
Give me a chance and I'll cast a spell on you.
I'll change the world and its views,
Its perception of you through the mirror you choose.

Give me a stone and I'll kill a bird or two.
I'll set the moon upon a lifted view
From the pedestal that I built for you
And I'll whisper words you never knew.

'Cause last time I told somebody how I felt
I brought her hell.

Give me your hand if you can hold it.
Give me your eyes if you can trust it.
Give me your heart if you don't mind it.
Give me your soul if you can find it.

The love that you've given was not misgiven.
It spread throughout the world from boy to girl
And then to me.
Now, I'm here so you can see...

The love that you've given will be returned rightfully.
The love that you've given will be returned finally.
Track Name: I've Got A Story For You
I heard you packed a gun fully-loaded
That you kept inside your lips with your tongue on the trigger
But you swore that you'd never pierce nor break the surface of my skin.
Won't you reconsider it?

When I wrote you those love songs you were indifferent.
As I gave you my breath, my words, and my mind
I emptied my gun with my tongue on the trigger.
I never thought once. I never thought twice.

I never thought.

If you've got the time, I've got a story for you
Cause I've wasted words, too,
In ink in between lines.
Don't tell me what I should do.
Cause there's good, then there's bad, then there's you.

As the stones fell down at me
I swore the stars were falling and splashing
And separating my body of leaves.

Just like the leaves on the surface,
We're moving with the current.
We're moving through the air.
What's wrong with moving through the trees and the river?
Just flow with me.
Track Name: My Heavy Hand
I mend and I bend before I break
Laying pen down to paper.
With endless angst, my heavy hand carves through the page
And imprints my name and my words into the table.

...a lot like my love.

They are felt, but not read, and not meant to be there.
Skipped right over for the next person sitting in.

Now I'm driving until the highway ends
And the clouds are wringing
And the water is crawling up my window.
They say I'm singing for nonsense
And howling for truth,
But if home is where the heart is
Then that's where I"m going to find you.

Stay indoors dear, cause I know its coming down pretty hard.
Tame your flame and I'll be home after dark.
The water sprays and it'll splash
As I'm passing through the scattered glass on the road
And I know that my flame burns bright dear.
Soon I'll be home.

Whether weather men have ruled you,
Or flash floods have fooled you,
You have been won over yet again.
Track Name: Coast
What do you see?
Is the Coast clear?
I swear I heard somebody up there.

Take a sip from my mind
And I'll bet you'll feel as crazy as me.
At least that's what they're saying about me.
I'm not here, nor am I anywhere.
No, I'm not me.

I choked on the colors
That I picked from the wind.
Where I am is broken.
West, I'll never touch this Coast again.